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Our custom-fit sunshades help to protect you and your passengers from burns and heat stroke caused by a hot parked car. Keep your vehicle up to 50 degrees cooler with our sunshades

Protect your car from costly repairs caused by heat and sun exposure. The interior of your car will prematurely age and reduce the resale value. Heat can and will damage door panels, dash pads, seats, a-pillars and more

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Auto sunshades come in handy when you are at work, airport, beach, or just sitting in a parked vehicle. These shades or UV shields provide protection against harmful UV lighting. In addition to blocking harmful UV lighting, it shuns away from the direct sunlight drops on the vehicle, truck, or SUV. This makes your vehicle all-ready for a warmer day and reduces the chances of internal surfaces becoming unbearable when touched. Another visible advantage of using an auto car shade is that your air conditioning system does not have to work tirelessly to reduce heat when your vehicle’s interior is more relaxed. You must explore our unique car sun shades options for a range of vehicles on the road.

We Provide the Best Car Sun Shades in the Overall United States

At Auto-Sunshades, custom-fit sunshades for cars block more sun than generic shades that do not fit properly and feature thin paper. Usually, a custom fit auto sun shade is much thicker, blocks the sun adequately, and is easier to set up because each shade goes through resizing to fit your car’s exact make and model. All of our custom-fitted sunshades for cars are easy to place without effort; just lower the sun visors against the vehicle sunshade and windshield.

Why Do I Need to Buy Custom-Designed Automotive Sunshades?

Get our 2-in-1 custom fit + awesome car sun shades for the following reasons:

  • A translucent window is a gateway for the prying eyes to view the contents of your vehicle—Mark your vehicle safe from potential thieves with our custom car sunshades.
  • When heat builds up inside the car, it raises the temperature up to 120 degrees or more. Cool car sunshades from Auto-Sunshades allow you to maintain a cooler temperature inside a parked car.
  • A custom sunshade keeps your car cooler up to 50 degrees and makes it easier to make your car cool again.
  • Sun exposure and blazing heat can wear out interior parts like the door panel’s dash, a-pillar trim, seat leather, separation of materials, cracks, and even more.
  • When your auto interior sustains damage, it will drastically reduce your car’s resale value or cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.