6 Best Car Sunshades Options if You Have Kids

We all know that children love car rides more than anything. Here’s when their safety concerns come in, especially during the summer when the car might get pretty hot for children. Baby sunshades are something that can help you in protecting your child as well as the car from harmful UV rays that comes out of the sun. You can find plenty of baby sunshades options in the market, such as custom-fit sunshades. Baby sunshades can be found for every major car, such as Honda Civic, Hyundai, and Mercedes Sprinter. Popular sunshade companies like Weather Tech offer several options for custom-fit sunshades as well.

Here are the few options that you can check out when looking for some baby sunshades

Shade Sox Universal Baby Sun Shade

While riding at the back of the car, young children might get bothered by the heat and the bright sun. Shade Sox Universal Baby Sun Shade provides protection against UV protection, cuts sunlight brightness, reduces the heat, and prevents your kids from being directly exposed to the bright sun rays. Shade Sox is made up of breathable, flexible, and stretchy mesh. The sunshades can be fitted into every automobile such as Honda Civic, Hyundai, and Mercedes Sprinter.

IntiPal Car Sun Shades 

IntiPal sunshade for baby cars is a car window cover made to protect the kids from warmth, bright sunlight, and dangerous UV rays. IntiPal Car Sun Shades are made up of top-quality polyester and designed for every popular car, including the Mercedes Sprinter. Hyundai and Honda Civic. IntiPal Car Sun Shades are specifically designed for children with preschool instructions printed. The sunshades can help the children be involved in a learning activity during the car ride.   

Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade 

The BRICA White Hot Safety Sun Shade makes it possible to block the sunlight while protecting the children from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. The sunshade is made up of high-quality mesh and provides excellent visibility while filtering the harmful UVA/UVB rays. It comes in a universal 15-inch x 19 inches size to get a fantastic fit on most car windows, including Honda Civic, Hyundai, and Mercedes Sprinter.

KKTICK Car Window Sunshade

Applying the KKTICK Car Window Sunshade on the back of the car protects the children against the sun rays and the heat. The sunshades are made up of a breathable net, and you can easily roll down the windows to enjoy the outside breeze and take a view of the beautiful scenery. KKTICK Car Window Sunshade is exceptionally flexible and comes in 20″ X 17″ layout that can be extended to 44″ X 20″, which makes it a great choice if you have a Mercedes Sprinter or a Honda Civic. The easy design helps you to install the sunshades in a second without any hassle.

Biubee Car Window Sun Shade

Biubee Car Window Sun Shade comes in a pack of 4 with dimensions of 19.7*15 inches. The sunshades are easy to use because the shades stick to the car window, making it portable and convenient. Biubee Car Window Sun Shade is held with suction cups, and the grip they offer is quite good. The car sunshades are made up of high-quality mesh material, which helps block the sunlight and provides ultimate protection against heat.

Joybell Car Sunshade

Joybell Car Sunshade is a cheap option to protect your car and children from direct sunlight. These car sunshades help to keep the car cooler and protect the interior of the car as well. The cheaper price point makes them a suitable choice for many, and they can be fitted easily in cars, including Honda Civic, Mercedes Sprinter, and many of the Hyundai models.


Car sunshades are a safe investment that would help you protect your car from being damaged due to the sun’s UV rays. Sunshades also help to protect children against direct sunlight. Hence, it’s easy to say that investing in the right car sunshades can have more extended-term benefits with your car and children being protected from the dangerous heat coming from the outside. If there are no children in the household even then, you should consider buying a good pack of high-quality car sunshades that can protect you and the interior of your car. You can find car sunshades for every major car manufacturer, including Mercedes, Hyundai, and Honda.