6 Best Sun Shades That You Can Get for Your Car

There are different types of sunshades available in the market. How many times does it happen that you are struggling to decide which sunshade you should buy for your car? There is so much variety out there that it becomes challenging to determine which sunshades you should get for your car. It’s important to know that not all sunshades are the same. Different types of sunshades may vary according to the brand, size, features, and the car manufacturers they cater to. Many people opt for custom-fit sunshades for cars as they are innovative and have room for personalization according to particular requirements.

To help you choose the perfect sunshade for your car, here’s a list of 6 best sunshades you can get for your car.

Weather Tech TS0034 Windshield Sun Shade

The WeatherTech TechShade Sunshade is a double-sided reflective sunshade, which is a perfect choice to protect your valuable car from the scorching heat and the sun rays. Because of being double-sided, the WeatherTech TechShade Sun Shade also flawlessly caters to you in the winters helping you drive to be comfortable to drive straightaway. WeatherTech TechShade Sunshade provides considerable value for money as the sunshades offer dual functionality at the price of one sunshade.

A1 Windshield Sun Shade

A1 Windshield is one of the few finest sunshades you would possibly find in the market. Windshield Sun Shade gets the job done as it covers the entire area of the windshield, making it an easy choice for anyone who wants to protect their car precisely. It ensures that the car’s interior remains cool and prevents the sun rays from entering the vehicle. The A1 Windshield Sun Shade comes with 240T material, thicker than other company’s standard Sun Shade material. After using the A1 Windshield Sun Shade, you can easily roll it back and store it in the trunk of your car.

Twing Foldable Sun Shade

Choosing retractable sunshades for the car can be a convenient choice. Retractable sunshades are not required to be removed now and then when being used. Twing Foldable Sun Shade uses a foldable design that can be retracted to one side of the windshield when not in use. It gets attached to the window with the help of suction cups and easily stretches out to cover the entire surface. It’s made up of four thermal layers that protect your car from ultraviolet rays and keeping the car cool.

Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade

If you are looking for a sunshade in terms of the installation process, then Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade

is your way to go. It simply popups out of its container, and all that remains to do for you is to ensure that that the reflective silver cloth faces outwards, place it against the windshield, and fold the sun visors down. Storing the Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade is relatively easy, and the best thing is that Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade is incredibly lightweight and comes at 1.6 pounds. Another reason to consider this sunshade is that it comes with a one-year replacement warranty, so you are covered from that side well.


Pro Shade Sunshield

The Pro Shade Sunshield is that kind of sunshade which is a no brainer. It’s extremely easy to set up. With Pro Shade, Sunshield doesn’t need any wires or clasps to be held in place. All you have to do is to take it out of its container and put it against the windshield, and flip down the visors to hold it in the right place. Due to its compact size, you have to fold it back and toss it anywhere in your car. Pro Shade Sunshield weighs only 2.4 ounces, so you don’t even have to worry about it being too heavy.


EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

The EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade provides you complete protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays protecting your car in the best possible way. The EcoNour Windshield Sun Shade helps your vehicle to maintain the ideal temperature and keeps the interior of the car cooler, which means your GPS and other entertainment equipment remains safe. This Sunshade comes in five sizes, making it a perfect choice for different cars according to their respective dimensions. The sunshade installation process is also easy, and the best part of this sunshade is that it’s very lightweight, which makes it easy to store.

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