Aston Martin sun shades are custom-made for your 2012 Aston Martin DB9. When installed and appropriately fastened, they will remain in their place unless you pull them out. For added protection, fold down the sun visors keep the sunshades in place.

We at Auto Sunshades introduce our Aston Martin car covers to keep your car in optimal condition. Our sunshades ensure increased safety to the dustiest of sheds. So why choose us? Well, when Aston Martin owners desire the best of all worlds—quality and craftsmanship—they go to Auto Sunshades!

What Sets Auto Sunshades Apart From Similar Sellers?

The Product Development team here at Auto Sunshades researched and conducted a series of “Hot and Cold Tests,” which mimic the hottest and coldest months of the year. In the summer months, when temperatures can go as high as 110, our sunshade successfully minimizes your vehicle’s heat accumulation. Our USP is that our Aston Martin car sunshades are computer precision cut for a custom fit, dropping the inside temperatures up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They protect leather seats while maintaining comfortable temperatures also on the steering wheel and shift knob. Expertly finished, so it’s more resistant to wear; it folds in seconds, so it takes up less room. Further, its ultimate reflector is reversible for winter use, which makes it easy to install on most vehicles.

More Perks You Receive When You Shop At Auto Sunshade

Like our other car shades, our Aston Martin sunshades are lifetime- warranted and built to perform during the hot environment. Decisively, this interior saving accessory is important for owners concerned with lowering temperatures in their parked car. In those winter months, flip the sunshade to its dark side and allow it to absorb sunlight to warm up the inside of your vehicle. Our 2012 Aston Martin DB9 Sunshades are made from a durable foam core that is easy to handle and fits securely in the vehicle’s window or windshield.