Buy BMW Windshield Sunshade – Luxurious Protection for your BMW

Thanks to Auto Sunshades, keeping your BMW cool has never been so easy. With powerful insulation technology, each of our BMW sunshades is custom-made for an ideal fit. At Auto Sunshades, we use innovative methods to reflect heat while using an insulating core to absorb/diffuse surface heat. Our custom-fit patterns, paired with innovative heat reduction techniques, create customized sun shades that absorb, block, and reflect more heat than others.

Why Use our Sunhades in your BMW?

Sometimes called UV shields, sun shields, or heat shields, sunshades are useful at the airport, work, beach, or anywhere you park. They aren’t just effective and blocking out harmful UV rays but can substantially reduce the amount of heat buildup inside your BMW by reflecting the direct sunlight away from it. This means that your BMW is more comfortable to get into on a hot day and lessens the probability of the inside surfaces being very hot to touch. Another advantage to using our BMW sunshade is that when the inside of your BMW is cooler, your air conditioning system doesn’t have to put much effort into reducing the temperature. Choose from our different sun shades options available for just about any BMW.

What Makes Auto SunShades’ BMW Shades Unique?

  • Perfect fit:They’re made for your exact windshield, contouring to the window curves
  • Heat defense:Our BMW shades insulate, reflect, and cool your vehicle
  • Compact storage: We sew multiple panels together for secure and straightforward folding
  • Luxurious look:Our BMW shades complement your car appearance, making your car feel slightly more luxurious

Give us a call and order your custom BMW windshield sunshade with us now!