7 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing sunshades for Your Car

If you are looking for some cool sunshades for your car, you might be overwhelmed by the number of available choices in the market. However, it doesn’t mean that you would have to pick any of the random sunshades you might find. Apart from determining the kind of sunshades you want, you also have to consider several other aspects before making a choice.

Some of the factors you need to consider before buying the sunshades are stated below:

The Material of the Sunshades

To evaluate the quality of the sunshades, you need to know what materials have been used to make the sunshades. The sunshades need to be long lasting and effective so they can provide proper protection. The two materials that are used to manufacture the sunshades are polyester and nylon. Both of these materials are highly effective, easy on the pocket, and light in weight. If the sunshades’ material is of high quality, it helps to protect the interior of the car from the direct sun rays.

Choosing the Right Size

Size is the primary factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when looking for sunshades for your car. The size of the sunshades way varies according to the size of your car’s windshield and the windows. People looking for Subaru Sunshades, VW, Dodge Dart, and Toyota sunshades must know that different car manufacturers have different dimensions of their car windows. It’s essential to pick the right size of the sunshades so they can be fitted correctly.

Cost of the Sunshades

The cost of the sunshades is one of the most primary and debatable concerns. When choosing the sunshades for your car, ensure that you don’t buy the sunshades because they are affordable. You should select the sunshades based on quality and the value they offer rather than relying on the price. Spending a little more on the cool sunshades would turn into a long term investment, and they would be helpful to protect your car and prevent it from any possible damage that might occur due to the sunlight. Sunshades for various car manufacturers like Subaru, Toyota, Volks Wagon, and Dodge might come at different prices.

Sunshades Design

Design of the sunshades might not be the utmost priority for many people, but it’s a good idea to pick a pleasing yet elegant design. The design adds up to the overall aesthetic of your car and provides it with a unique look.


Ensure that the sunshades you choose for your car are easy to put on your windows and the windshield. How many times does it happen that you are in a hurry and you leave the sunshades unevenly fitted on the windows of your car?  Leaving the sunshades fitted unevenly can affect the shape of the sunshades overtime. So be careful about choosing the sunshades that are convenient to put on and remove.

Choice of Brand

To ensure that your sunshades last for a long time and provide value, you need to be careful about which brand you are going to choose. Always go for a reputable and trusted brand so that you would have confidence in the product. Don’t settle for the brands which provide sunshades for a low price, because in most cases, the quality downgrades as the price decreases. Spending a few extra bucks for a sunshade brand that is widely known is always the way to go.


If you are struggling to pick the right type of sunshades for your cars, then you can rely on other people’s suggestions and opinions. Try to check out various car forums to learn from other people’s experiences that they have had with multiple sunshades brands. In some cases, you can also depend on word of mouth. Many people might have the same model of the car as yours, so don’t be hesitant to take a few suggestions from different car owners around you.

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