Custom Shade

A custom-fit windshield sunshade will block more of the sun than generic shades that never fit correctly and are usually paper thin. A custom fit shade is usually much thicker, blocks more of the sun and is much easier to put in place because it has been computer measured and cut to fit your exact year, make and model. All custom-fit shades are held in place by lowering the sunvisors against the shade and windshield..

But why do I need one?

  • Heat builds up inside a parked car and temperatures can reach a dangerous 120 degrees or more.
  • Excess heat can cause heatstroke, burns to skin from touching hot car parts like steering wheel, shift knob, seats or door panels
  • Excess heat and sun exposure can and will destroy interior parts like the dash, a-pillar trim, seat leather, door panels and more causing fading, separation of materials, cracks and more
  • Sun exposure and heat damage to internal auto parts can and will drastically reduce the resale value of your car or cost you thousands in repairs
  • Return to your parked vehicle without a shade and feel a hot hot rush of heat which is miserable, dangerous and increases the time it takes for your car to cool down
  • A custom fit sunshade keeps your vehicle up to fifty degrees cooler and makes it much easier to get the car cool again
  • If you have window tint or factory shades on the side and rear, a windshield shade makes it much harder for prying eyes or potential thieves from seeing the contents of your vehicle

Quick Review of Benefits:

  • Custom fit means it installs easier, blocks more of the sun and is a much cleaner look
  • A thicker shade blocks more heat than generic shades and our shades have multiple layers of protection
  • Lifetime Warranty against defect
  • Free Shipping to USA
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Multiple Layers blocks more heat but also reflects heat away from the vehicle. Our luxury shade has a black side too which can attract heat in winter