Reborn DeLorean DMC-12 is not that hard to care for as it’s challenging to own. The modern amenities and new engine says a lot about this classic sports car; the question is, ‘how should one protect it from the lasting damage caused by UV rays of the scorching sun? The simplest way is to buy a custom DeLorean sunshade available at Auto Sunshade. Here at Auto Sunshade, we store the best folding shades thickest enough to let sunlight in.

About Custom DeLorean Sunshade

This premium folding auto shade, also known as a custom-fit sunshade, is similar to the Luxury Auto shade but comes affordably. The quality is first-class and has fewer layers, but it still filters out the heat and keeps your car at a decent temperature in the summer. To shade a particular part of the body, fold the sun visors down, and your parked car will thank you later. Call us today at (866) 336 8119, and you will have your DeLorean auto sunshade delivered to your doorstep immediately.

Benefits and Features

  1. The DeLorean Auto Sunshade is our most luxurious sunshade, and it is used as a dense shade where the sun shines brightly
  1. This high-tech shade has six layers of safety, keeps parked vehicles cool, and reduces the temperature inside cars. The gap is hard to spot
  1. The shade can be folded for compact portability, ready to go in your storage bag
  1. What I love about the shade is its versatility, with two sides for summer and a black side that offers cover from the heat in the winter
  1. The shade is perfectly customized to your vehicle’s make and model
  1. Our sunshades come with a Lifetime Guarantee and Free Shipment to the United States

How to Use It?

The DeLorean DMC-12 sunshade can combat the Texas heat and sun, is suitable for the car, with elastic loops that attach it to the striker pins in the door jambs, and fix on the sides and top to secure in the door closing position. It fits around the wiper arm to hold it safe. The folder folds nicely and stores neatly in the ordered storage sleeve.