Stay calm and cover your vehicle’s dash with our sunshades. They offer the best protection from the sun and shield your dashboard from damage caused by reflected light. Auto Sunshades help to enhance interior ventilation and save energy for air conditioning.

We provide custom sunshade for various car makes and models. Most recently, we launched Eagle Medallion Sunshade, ensuring the same protection level as our other car shades. We have included patterns for many different windshield shades and car window shades for side, rear, and top windows on vehicles. With the assistance of computer-assisted patterning tools and our experienced team of sewing experts, we are able to deliver the highest quality product on the market. We have Eagle Medallion sunshades, for example:

Eagle Medallion Classic Roll-up Bubble Sunshade

Bubble shades are for people tired of a typical sunshade, seeking a lower price, and want a custom shade. The bubble shade features a few lawyers and can maintain a temperature up to 35 degrees. It has a silver inner and outer layer with a patterned bubble-like top.

Eagle Medallion Premium Folding Sunshade

The premium pliable shade from Auto Sunshades suits your car requirements wonderfully. This shade has seven security layers, so when you go back from shopping, your parked car would be cooler. This shade is supplied with a storage bag.

Eagle Medallion Classic Silver Sunshade

This conventional silver shade rolls up and is stored with a Velcro strap. This shade has a multilayered material that reflects harmful UV rays with metalized external film. This shade has been recorded to maintain up to 40 degrees indoor temperature. This has an inner white layer.

Eagle Medallion Classic Gold Roll-up Sunshade

This shade features all the same as the Classical Silver except for a black inner layer.