Keep the interior of your Freightliner cooler and protect the dashboard with one of our custom Freightliner sunshades

Ward off steering wheel burn, protect your upholstery and dash from discoloration and cracks and drop the inside temperature of your Freightliner by up to 40 degrees with our Freightliner sunshade. At Auto Shades, all our sunshades are custom-made to fit the outline of your Freightliner windshield for the optimal blockage of harmful UV rays that can damage and overheat the interior. All you need to do is unfold your sunshade, fold visors down and position in the windshield to keep the sunshade in place. So whether you need a Freightliner Cascadia sunshade, Freightliner M2 106 sunshade, or a sunshade for your Freightliner Sprinter, Auto Sunshades has got you covered. This is why people choose us:

  • Custom-made to fit perfectly
  • Won’t harm the paint
  • Offers you added privacy
  • Keeps the interior cooler
  • Valuables are no longer in sight
  • Airflow can be maintained by rolling the windows down
  • Pet proof and pet-friendly
  • Mold resistant and tear resistant
  • No holes to drill
  • Help reflect damaging UV rays
  • Comes with FREE shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Exchange and return possible (terms apply)

Buy sunshade for your Freightliner Sprinter

Stay cool in your Freightliner Sprinter. Our sunshade dramatically reduces the temperate inside vehicles parked in the scorching sun. Auto Shades’ sunshades fit like a glove, offering maximum windshield coverage. Plus, using them isn’t difficult. Our durable material is flexible enough for easy roll-up storage, yet stiff enough to stay in place. They come with a lifetime warranty too!