Buy our Geo Metro sunshade and save your car from a sunburn

Sun can be quite harmful to humans, so it does not come as a surprise that it can also be bad for your Geo Metro. With years of sun exposure, the upholstery of your Geo Metro can begin to fade to an uninspiring, dull color. The areas on which the sunlight is the strongest may witness fading patches, creating unsightly patterns in places that see shadows.

Electronics of your car is another area you would be worried about. Devices like portable electronics, GPS, DVD players, and radar detectors can be fried in the scorching temperatures of your Geo Metro. If your car gets unattended on a hot summer day without any protection, it can get hot on the inside, boasting a temperature most electronics fail to manage.

However, what happens in winter? Indeed, you would not want your car to become colder than it already is. Well, fortunately, our Geo Metro sunshade work in reverse during these freezing times. Our sunshade’s heat absorbing material can transfer this additional heat into your car’s interior, helping it feel a bit warmer than the temperature outside.

Why buy a Geo Metro sunshade from Auto Sunshades?

Auto Sunshades ensure that its Geo Metro sunshade completely covers your windshield. Why? Because we understand that, even some strays of sunlight can make it through, nullifying the shade’s insulating effects. Additionally, you would not want to develop faded upholstery that specks of light typically cause. Thanks to Auto Sunshades, we allow you to mold your shade so that it fits!

We have sunshades for your Geo Metro Prism, Storm, and Tracker. Feel to explore and order when you are ready. We offer free shipping and a lifetime warranty on all of our sunshades.