Custom Shade

All shades shown below are custom made to fit your vehicle and all include Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping to continental USA and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Roll-Up Classic Sunshade

This classic silver shade rolls up and uses a velcro strap when stored. This shade has multi-layered material with a metalized outer film that reflects harmful UV rays. This shade has been tested to lower interior temperature of your vehicle by up to 40 degrees. This shade has a white inner layer.

Roll-Up Gold Classic Shade

The Gold shade has all the same features as the Classic Silver but with an interior layer that is black

Roll-Up Bubble Shade

The bubble shade is our economy shade for people who are tired of so called “universal fit” sunshades and desire a custom fit shade but at a lower price. The bubble shade has less layers than the Classic Shades and is rated to 35 degree cooler. The Bubble Shade has a silver inner and out layer with a bubble like pattern.

Premium Folding Shade

The premium folding shade by Introtech offers a folding type shade that is custom fit to your vehicle. This shade has 7 layers of protection so your parked car will be much cooler when you return from shopping. This shade comes with a storage bag.

Luxury Folding Reflector Shade

This is our top-of-the-line, luxury, maximum protection shade that is the thickest shade we make. I personally use this shade because I like how easy it is to install and remove. This shade has 7 layers that are even thicker than the Premium Shade and it is reversible with a black side that draws in heat during the winter to help your windshield to defrost. This shade comes with a nice bag for storage.

The Shade Curtain Style

This sunshade comes with two retractable shades, one for each side of your windshield. Shades have an adhesive tape that sticks to windshield and allows shade to be retracted when not in use yet easily accessible when needed. This shade is near-custom meaning it fits all vehicles but available in many lengths to fit your car’s windshield.

You can use this shade for side windows, rear windows, campers, RV’s, Boats and more. Just measure the height of the window and tell us during checkout what size you need. Available from 14 inches to 27 inches long.

Exterior Shade for Sun or Snow

This custom fit sunshade is designed to protect your windshield from the outside which has many benefits like no interference with rear view mirrors, rains sensors or camera’s. This shade has a flap on each side with a strap that attaches inside the car to deter theft (would have to be destroyed to remove so no good to thief).

Shade is custom fit to each car and comes with bag for storage.